The full collection is now available online on Happy Shopping!

[UPDATE AUGUST 21, 1:50PM EST: Nude Dip is no longer available online at TOMFORD.COM. Yikes. Good luck to everyone on the hunt for this quad!]

[UPDATE AUGUST 26, 2014, 10:00PM EST: Nude Dip and the rest of the collection is now available on Neiman Marcus!]

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  • Ava Aug 27, 2014

    Aw, I had the quad, lip color, contour blush, and nail polish in my cart and my pc crashed and when I got back online it was sold out! SO MAD….SO SAD! 🙁 I called a boutique and the lovely sales clerk said she’d put me on the waitlist for them whenever they come back in, hopefully in two weeks. The website emailed me and said they will be on the website again soon. So there is still hope out there ladies! 🙂

    • pb Aug 27, 2014

      first try calling BG at 212.872.2813, ask for thomas if he does not have then call palm beach NM, they have tons of stock and will ship for free (561) 805-6150 you can ask for mary who can ring up order as opposed to TF SA’s as they just show product – hopefully you get this soon, let me know! i will text BG too and let them know you are calling! xx

  • pb Aug 27, 2014

    BG has 100 nude dip on way, you can order now and will get it this week

  • Ava Aug 27, 2014

    Perfection! Thank you pb!!! 🙂

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