Moonlight Lip Shimmer

TOM FORD Beauty: Solar Gold and Moonlight Lip Shimmer Review

If Unabashed is the star of the 2014 TOM FORD Beauty Summer Color Collection, the limited-edition Lip Shimmers are the supporting actors. Moonlight and Solar Gold aren't trying to make a lot of noise. They are content being background players and lingering behind-the-scenes. They aren't splashy and they won't make a huge entrance but they do leave a mark. The question […] Show me more ...

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UPDATED: TOM FORD Beauty Summer 2014 Color Collection (Buy Now!)

The TOM FORD Beauty 2014 Spring Collection introduced us to new retro-chic ivory and gold packaging reminiscent of the first generation of TOM FORD Private Blend Lip Colors. I was a huge fan of the original white and gold packaging, and felt some disappointment when it was replaced with the sleek mahogany cases we all now […] Show me more ...

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