Welcome to Full Time Ford!

For the past year, I have been blogging about fashion-related topics on Beautifully Invisible.  During that time, all too often, I have found myself publishing post after post about the genius that is Tom Ford.  It didn’t take long to realize that my Tom Ford coverage needed its own home…

… and that home is Full Time Ford, baby!

The site is still in the early stages, of course, so please excuse the mess.

Now, let’s talk FORD.

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  • Jamillah Jun 24, 2011


    ok, now that’s out of the way.

    I really love the way you write, B…it’s really witty and clever. Love the bit about “Pavlov’s dog reflex”. The collection is gorgeous and thank you for sharing. I also completely appreciate his rationale behind being so secretive, I had not read that and I completely respect it. Excited to see what else you share on your new baby. Hi Full Time Ford!

  • Bella Q Jun 24, 2011

    Brilliant, B!

  • GRIT & GLAMOUR Jun 24, 2011

    Hot damn, I’m so happy, I could explode! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

  • kristy Jun 24, 2011

    congratulations on the new site launch B! it looks great!!!

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