TOM FORD Spring/Summer 2012 London Fashion Week Presentation (with Pics!)

Before you get too excited, I don’t have official pictures of the TOM FORD Spring/Summer 2011 Collection to share with you.

At least, not exactly.

What I do have is two pictures that serve as a nice teaser. For those of us that weren’t lucky enough to attend the TOM FORD London Fashion Week presentation on September 18th, 2011, these  pictures are the next best thing.

First, let’s take a look at the makeup. Model Jasmine Tookes was kind enough to instagram this gorgeous shot of her beauty look from the TOM FORD show.  A bold, strong lip and smokey eyes were clearly the look of the evening.  And check out those killer brows – bet they used the new Brow Sculptor pen!

Image via Jasmine Tookes Instagram

So, what’s better than a photo of the makeup at the TOM FORD presentation?  How about a photo of the lineup?

Better yet – how about a photo of the lineup wearing the TOM FORD Spring/Summer 2011 designs?  Thanks to Candice Swanepoel, we have just that.


Image via Candice Swanepoel Twitter Page

Obviously, these images are simply teasers.  We can’t see the full designs, but they certainly do offer nice hints of the fabric, cuts and styles that highlight the Spring/Summer 2012 Collection.

Is it as good as seeing the real images?  Of course not.  But unfortunately we won’t be able to see those until Mr. Ford wants us too – and that time is at least a month away!

Meanwhile, what we can do is take what we see above and combine that with what we do know about the Presentation.  What results is a lovely image that almost makes me feel like I was there.


Now, let’s take a look at what people are saying about the presentation around the web:

The Show:

KirstieClements’s twitter: Abbey Lee opened Tom Ford’s super sexy show oz model fans! (Editor Note: Other models included Aline Weber, Anais Mali, Anja Rubik, Aymeline Valade, Bette Franke, Candice Swanepoel, Carmen Kass, Caroline Brasch Nielsen, Daphne Groeneveld, Edita Vilkeviciute, Emily Senko, Fei Fei Sun, Jasmine Tookes, Joan Smalls, Kristina Salinovic, Lais Ribeiro, Mirte Maas, Morgane Warnier, Olga Sherer, Sheila Marquez, Sojourner Morrell, and Sui He.)

angelcandice’s twitter: Tom Ford show was beyond amazing as always!  So lucky to be a part of such an amazing production. #glamourelegance

chiaramakeup’s twitter: The Tom Ford show was absolutely gorgeous today! hectic is not enough to describe the mood in the backstage…

MarianNewman’s twitter: In this job the results are glamourous. The process isn’t always! With Tom Ford the process is glamourous. The results are beyond that!

elle_canada’s twitter: Fiercely sexy, bold beauties prowled Tom Ford’s London catwalk. From boho cowgirls to red carpet #LFW

rzrachelzoe’s twitter: I can’t breathe from The Tom Ford presentation..there r no words for his genius..xoRZ

WarrenMHolmes’s twitter: Tom Ford….Vampires and Vixens…..BIBLICAL!!!! #londonfashionweek #lfw

HilaryAlexander’s twitter: Vamps vixens and virgins.rockstar style at Tom Ford!london Fashion Week

amcELLE’s twitter: Tom Ford. Utter seductive perfection. I could tell you more but then I’d have to kill you #LFW

jo_elvin’s twitter: Tom Ford so happy at his show. Tried to get his partner to take a bow with him, Richard too shy to do it! Very sweet. Great show.

jo_elvin’s twitter: Tom ended showsaying, ‘I’m not going backstage because there is no backstage. So get up!’

BazaarUK’s twitter: Tom Ford. We salute you. Period. *faints*

marionaustin’s twitter: Tom Ford show was fabulous. Luxury and glamour, very seductive. I’m honoured to have been there. Oh and @angelcandice! You looked gorgeous!

On the designs:

mrjoezee’s twitter: Just left a Tom Ford collection that was beyond pure glamour. I am always obsessed with his sexy, chic, don’t-mess-with-me woman. #WOW

FashionCanada’s twitter: Post-Tom Ford, very mixed reviews in my car, but there’s no denying Tom loves a sexy, vamp woman. And that purple! @LondonFashionWk #LFW -rt

Lisa Armstrong for The Telegraph“pencil skirts, to the knee, sometimes with a fish tail, tightly cinched in cummerbunds and peasant tops, all of it balanced on delicately sculptured wedges or metal pin-heeled stilettos… the shirts unbuttoned way past bedtime, the tousled hair and the dark rings orbiting the models’ eyes… But the lady vamping is a classic, which requires someone to champion it right now… the detailing on these clothes was way beyond anything [Tom] attempted in his previous gigs.  Mesh, marabou, raffia fringing, a candlewick effect which suggested long hours at the hand embroiderers, plaited satin ribbons – these were just some of the techniques applied onto those hourglass silhouettes…”

FLAREfashion’s twitter: Total bohemian dream @ Tom Ford! Sorry no pics allowed but will give full details soon! #LFW

FLAREfashion’s twitter: Tom Ford emphasized texture w/ downy marabou feathers vs. stiff, thick raffia trimming #LFW

FLAREfashion’s twitter: Tom Ford highlights: checkerboard print, peasant slvs, python pencil skirts, plunging necklines. Each boho look more luxe than the last #LFW

Jess Cartner-Morley for The Guardian: “I didn’t think Tom Ford’s show was all that. Not that it was awful, by any means, but despite the beautiful tailoring and the immaculate execution it fell a little flat. It felt too self-referential. Too many frills and too few new ideas. There were gorgeous, curvy, super vamp dresses that I loved, but the flouncy peasant blouses and corset belts seemed like a Guilty Pleasures version of Tom Ford.”

gbaudo’s twitter: Amazing tom ford…a powerful show inspired by spain, flamenco, seventies sexyness and eighties powerwomen

gbaudo’s twitterCrocodile, white snake…the luxury world of tom ford meets the haute couture tradition in the evening dresses with rafia knittings

Cathy Horyn for The New York Times“Mr. Ford’s show was thoroughly Tom Ford in its sex appeal and silhouette—tigress hair, smoky eyes, glossy lips, taut skirts and strappy high heels. The collection was loaded up with great day clothes, including loosely laced Moroccan blouses, fringed skirts and some simple but gorgeous dresses with ruching or a belt at the waist and a bubbled hem. A number of outfits also had corsets blended into the tone of the blouse. Equally strong were his evening option of slinky black pants—more like a ski pant—with a simple chiffon T-shirt coated with feathers at the front.”

ACglamour’s twitter: My fav look in Tom Ford show had elements of hippy-chic w/ a strong emphasis on chic, ie:Purple peasant top with a mini purple dirndl. #LFW

fromstephen’s twitter: The Tom ford presentation was amazing! Tons of rich purples, browns and even rafia. Pity that press photography wasn’t allowed. #LFW

derekblasberg’s twitter: Tom. Ford. Show. Was. Epic. (Only he could make crimped hair and elasticized waistbands look drop dead sexy.) It was pure glamour. #LFW

HoltRenfrew’s twitter: Tom ford presents to small intimate crowd .tough/fem women in strong colour perfection,exquisite fabrics tres luxe ^BarbAtkin

What do you think?  Can you spy these elements in the photo above?  I see peasant tops,  purples, browns, checkerboard prints and plunging necklines… I just wish I could see more of them!

One day I would love to be a part of the lucky few who are invited to the TOM FORD presentations – the likes of which include Anna Dello Russo, Anna Wintour, Carine Roitfeld and Glenda Bailey.  And one day I’d love to go to the after party.  I promise I won’t take pictures at either…

Until then, this will do.

So… what do you think?

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  • Casee Marie Sep 19, 2011

    Eek! This is why you’re the queen of all things Tom Ford. I’ve been reading some coverage, but I hadn’t seen a single snippet of a visual (obviously). So…you’re my hero. Yet again. And thank you.

    Hamish Bowles said there was a touch of “Pre-Raphaelite romanticism” which had me even more excited. Especially love the top on Joan Smalls. It looks like a corset belt? When I first heard “peasant blouses” I was kind of…meh. It seems so dated, so not Tom Ford, but I like what I’m seeing in the lineup so far. Now if we could just get more detailed shots!

    P.S. If you get a +1 to the show/after party…I promise I won’t take pictures either!

  • Anna
    Tweet Me: @
    Sep 20, 2011

    to be honest, I’m not totally impressed. It reminds me lot of the stuff he did for YSL in the past. The peasant blouse was a hit back then! But I’ll wait for the pictures to see for sure!

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