The Ten Commandments of Makeup—according to Tom Ford

Plum Sykes recently penned an ingenious article for Vogue Daily in honor of the upcoming release of TOM FORD Beauty.  In addition to the 10 Commandments listed above, she also shared some great quotes from Ford himself:

On the idea of on-the-go makeup:

“You can’t put this makeup on in the subway or in the car ever… if you paint your mouth on slightly crookedly, you no longer have a straight mouth, you have a crooked mouth. Why would you do that?”

On why makeup is the new “It” bag:

“You can take a little black dress and put on twenties makeup, thirties makeup, or seventies makeup, and that dress becomes totally different.”

On how to use his Shade and Illuminate Palette:

“If you don’t have that fabulously strong jaw, you could basically highlight where your neck is and shade where your chin is, and you would have a really strong look.”

On how women should approach make-up:

“[they should think] what colors do I always like? What was my favorite period of makeup? What am I comfortable in? What time in my life did I think I looked my most amazing? What was I wearing? And from just thinking about those things, you can start to put together who you are. Then stick with it. It doesn’t mean your shoulder or heel shouldn’t change a little, but it gives you a base.”

Click here to read the rest and check out some additional photos of the Beauty Collection.

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What about you – what beauty commandments do you live by?

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Photo credit: Image created by me using TOM FORD Beauty Ad by Mert & Marcus


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  • GRIT & GLAMOUR Sep 19, 2011

    Love it! He’s right. I’m one of those people who constantly switches her makeup. I’ve never understood people who resign themselves to one look or lip color for the rest of their lives. Makeup can transform the mood of an outfit. And life is too short not to play with it!

  • So lovely commandments! I really enjoyed reading this. I am pretty sure that lots of beauty-conscious women will get interested with this also.

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