Mirte Maas for TOM FORD S/S 2012: The Ad Campaign Beauty Products

Ever since the first images of Mirte Maas for TOM FORD S/S 2012 hit the net my mailbox has been flooded with questions about the Beauty Products that were used on the campaign. Although I had a good idea about a few of the products, I wanted to give you the real scoop so I decided to investigate.

Thanks to the helpful folks at TOM FORD International and TOM FORD Beauty (many, many thanks!), I not only have the answers for you, but am also delighted to share a bit of a scoop with you as well.  It turns out the campaign offers us a sneak peak at one of the highlights of the S/S 2012 Beauty Collection: Cream Eye Shadow. Considering the quality of the products in the current collection, I can only imagine how luxe the cream shadow will be!

Now, let’s get back to business.

Mirte Maas is wearing the following TOM FORD Beauty Products:


  • Traceless Foundation (buy it here)
  • Shade & Illuminate to contour the cheekbones (buy it here)
  • Illuminating Highlight Pen in 02/Lavender Voile on top of the cheekbones (buy it here)
  • Translucent Finishing Powder in Ivory Fawn (buy it here)


  • Brow Sculptor in Taupe (buy it here)
  • Eye Defining Pencil in Metallic Mink (buy it here)
  • S/S 2012 Cream Shadow in Spice (available in Spring 2012)
  • Extreme Mascara (buy it here)




She looks amazing, no?

Do you own any of these Beauty products?

Are you dying to get your hand on the Cream Shadow like I am?


Images courtesy of TOM FORD and WWD

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  • Casee Marie Feb 13, 2012

    I’ve honestly had bad experiences with cream shadow so I’m not sure if I’d exactly be ready to plow the doors down to get my hands on it – but then, if anybody could change my mind on a product it would be Tom Ford, wouldn’t it? We’ll see! In the meantime, the lip and nails in these ads are absolutely screaming at me. Gorgeous!

  • lulu Mar 25, 2012

    More importantly, what is the STYLE name of that black / gold round frame???? Cant find it ANYWHERE. Please help!!! : ) Merci.

  • vvvvvv Jun 10, 2012

    i am looking for that black / gold round frame too! please help!

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