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TOM FORD: The Complete Social Media Experience

Have you ever attempted to follow TOM FORD on multiple social media platforms? If so, you likely noticed two things: Your choices were limited to the official TOM FORD Facebook Page There are more than a few fake pages claiming to be "official" on twitter/instagram/etc. Given the air of mystery and exclusivity that has long […] Show me more ...

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TOM FORD on Twitter? Think again.

Don't believe the hype. Neither TOM FORD the brand - nor Thomas Carlyle Ford the man - are on Twitter. (As of March 28, this has changed! Visit this page for details). There has been a lot of social media activity lately surrounding the release of the Complete TOM FORD Beauty Collection and OWN Visionaries […] Show me more ...

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Tom Ford Does… Facebook?

I am the first to admit that I am always extremely wary of Facebook pages that suddenly pop-up claiming to be the "authentic site of" so-and-so. Generally the content will speak for itself, but I have come across some amazing fake pages that initially fooled me. At first they seemed completely legit, but eventually it […] Show me more ...

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