Lust List #1: The TOM FORD Scorpion Necklace

Have you ever come across something that you felt you were destined to own? I am not talking about some passing fascination or admiration you may feel for an item that comes and goes.  I am talking about a piece that actually speaks to you.

There are a few pieces in my jewelry collection that I feel very strongly about, including my Wendy Brandes Vampire Diana Ring, but it has been years since I felt that something was actually destined to be mine.

The first time I came across this Scorpion Necklace by TOM FORD I was captivated by what I could see of it.

And then it happened…  I stumbled upon the photo below and I swear the clouds parted and I could hear angels singing.  It spoke directly to my Scorpio-self and softly whispered:  “We Belong Together”.

(image via)

Oh, yes.  We definitely belong together.

This is one of the sexiest things I have ever seen.   Ever.

Santa, are you listening?  I’d even settle for a ring or bracelet version!



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