Sneak Peak: The Complete TOM FORD Beauty Collection

It’s almost time, friends!

October seemed so far away when I first shared my excitement about the new Complete TOM FORD Beauty Collection a few months ago.  Well, now the month is fast approaching and new images of the collection have arrived to whet our appetites!

I am DYING over this packaging and the colors are just amazing…  and I want everything. Continue on for some images and additional insight into the development process from Tom Ford himself.

TOM FORD Collection Santal Blush Fragrance (is that you, Tom?)

Read the review for Santal Blush here.

TOM FORD Beauty Collection Eyeshadow Palette

“I am finishing up the colors for my fall 2012 cosmetics collection this week. It is actually a great deal of fun as we sit in a studio and mix raw pigments until we get the right shades, try them on girls with different skin tones and then edit the collection into a color palette that I feel will be the right direction for fall 2012…”


TOM FORD Beauty Collection Intensive Infusion Concentrate Extreme (Tom reportedly sleeps in this!)

TOM FORD Beauty Collection Nail Lacquer. Must own this.

Read the review for Bitter Bitch Nail Lacquer here.

“… From there the factories and our research department take our raw pigment blends and then turn them into real products which we will then test again and create the actual looks that will form the collection. My first collection for this fall [2011] arrives in stores in the US and Europe in October…”

TOM FORD Beauty Collection Traceless Foundation. Intrigued by that stick foundation!

TOM FORD Beauty Collection Lip Glosses. Yes please.


“… I name all of the colors myself and someone just asked me what my two favorite names of colors that I had designed where. One is a great red lip color called “Lost Cherry” and the other is a dark nail polish called “Bitter Bitch”. Naming colors is always fun and great names can really help certain colors catch on…”


TOM FORD Beauty Collection Make-up Brushes... love how luxe these look! Gimme.

TOM FORD Collection Jasmin Rouge Fragrance

Read the review for Jasmin Rouge here!

TOM FORD Beauty Collection Purifying Crème Cleanser, Illuminating Protective Primer and Intensive Infusion Ultra Rich Moisturizer. Intrigued again.

TOM FORD Beauty Collection Lipcolor and nails. Love the new black packaging! Gimme too.

Read the reviews for Violet Fatale, Crimson Noir, Wild Ginger, Black Orchid, and Indian Rose
Are you excited yet?!

Which items are you thinking about buying?

All images and quotes courtesy of the official Tom Ford Facebook Page

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  • GRIT & GLAMOUR Aug 16, 2011

    Holy shizzz is it all GORGEOUS! I haven’t bought new brushes in seriously, 12+ years. So I’m totally upgrading. And the polishes?! You can bet your sweet a** I’m going to be scooping them up. These images are phenomenal! To Tumblr, pronto!

  • OOOOH-EM-GEE!!!! I need to smell the fragrances! and yes the packaging is exquisite. Soooo sleek and SEXAY! LOL.

    Eboni Ife’

  • Gorgeous pictures. I’ll take the polish, the lip gloss and the eyeshadow polish please 🙂

    I dedicated a post to Mr. Ford not too long ago based on an interview he did. Check it out:

  • Someone Aug 16, 2011

    Sublime collection.

    Breathtaking images, and Mr. Ford seems very focused on making an impact in the beauty industry. And it’s great, and hopefully his make-up line will make money, because most fashion brands that start selling make-up almost always fail within this highly competitive market. Aside from perfume, people do not usually tune in to the make-up/beauty products that the fashion brands push. A few brands like Chanel, Givenchy and YSL are long-standing exceptions, but Estee, Lancome, Revlon etc. still outsell them by a mile.

    But Mr. Ford seems very earnest and genuine about his intentions and passion in regards to make-up, and his stuff looks really well-made and meticulously though-out in these pics. If I am not mistaken, his beauty brand is owned and operated by Estee Lauder anyhow. I hope he succeeds, meets the numbers that he aims to and grows his business however he wants to. All these ventures must be back-breaking for him, especially in this dismal economical climate.

    And also; thank you so much for your blog – you are fantastic. I follow it daily.

  • Marko Salonen Oct 6, 2011

    Thanks for posting the pics! Amazing. I have been testing the Intensive Infusion Ultra Rich Moisturizer for a while now and its AMAZE.

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