TOM FORD Beauty: Violet Dusk Eye Color Quad Review & Swatches


It’s always sad when your favorite cosmetics are discontinued. Even if they are replaced with something “new and improved” chances are it won’t quite be the same. Right now I am flat out mourning the fact that the Private Blend Lip Color in Black Orchid is being retired, but that isn’t the only thing that is being discontinued this Fall.  Four eye color quads, included the beautiful jewel-tones of Violet Dusk, will soon be no more.

Remember this gorgeous TOM FORD Beauty campaign shot of Lara Stone wearing a violet/lilac eye look?


Yeah, that is Violet Dusk.

The TOM FORD Beauty Color Collection has a few different purple-toned eye color offerings, but for me Violet Dusk has been the quad to reach for when going for a dramatic evening look. If you want an idea of how to create one for yourself, check out this video tutorial by Charlotte Tilbury, one of TOM FORD’s go-to make-up artists and all around artistic genius. This is the look I emulate when I use this quad and it isn’t as scary as you might think (it’s pretty simple, really).

I know it’s taken me some time to get this review of Violet Dusk up, but I wanted to do so now before it’s too late for you to actually buy the quad if you are interested. This Fall, Violet Dusk is being phased out and replaced by Lavender Lust (review and comparison here).  Both are beautiful quads and – in truth – I find that Lavender Lust is a bit more wearable (hence, less dramatic) because of it’s gray tones. In contrast, Violet Dusk is more of a true purple which is amazing when you want to make a statement with your eyes.

Violet Dusk comes in the same luxe TOM FORD packaging we have all come to know and love.  The quad is encased in a brown velvet sleeve which I frequently use to remove fingerprints from the outside of the case.


Each quad in the collection also comes with a plastic covering stamped with the initials “TF” to protect the eye color from damage as well as two applicators.


Beautiful, no?

I always go picture crazy when I am photographing TOM FORD Beauty products but I can’t help it – the packaging is just gorgeous.  Whoever is in charge of TOM FORD’s branding is genius.


Let’s take a closer look at the colors.


This is a carefully edited collection of lilacs and purples that work together to create a beautiful smokey look. The colors are designed to be layered on top of one another and finished with the shimmery sequin shade.  As you can see, the shadows come in varying intensities and textures.

The shadows wear beautifully, but for a more vibrant finish you either have to prep your eyes with a base OR pile these colors on with a heavy hand. I recommend using a base since otherwise you could get some fallout and creasing.


The color edit is:

  • Top left: sheer, light pink with silver sparkle (“sequin shade”)
  • Top right: mauve-toned lilac (shimmery satin finish)
  • Bottom left: highly-pigmented violet (silky matte finish)
  • Bottom right: deep plum with pink/blue micro shimmer (satin finish)

Violet Dusk Comparison

These close-ups should give you a better idea of what the colors look like and offer a comparison in direct sun vs. natural light:


 Left: natural light/Right: direct sun

You can really see the nuances of the shadows in these close-ups:


Top left: sheer, light pink with silver sparkle (“sequin shade”)


Top right: mauve-toned lilac (shimmery satin finish)


Bottom left: highly-pigmented violet (silky matte finish)


Bottom right: deep plum with pink & blue micro shimmer (satin finish)



 Top: Violet Dusk direct light (bottom left, bottom right, top right, top left)/Bottom: Violet Dusk in shade (bottom left, bottom right, top right, top left)

I mentioned above that Lavender Lust is replacing Violet Dusk in the permanent collection. For a detailed comparison check out this post because they definitely aren’t dupes of one another and I will miss Violet Dusk. I plan to purchase a back-up (or two) because it is such a gorgeous palette.

Do you own Violet Dusk? What do you think of it?

TOM FORD BEAUTY Eye Color Quads ($78)

TOM FORD Beauty: Lavender Lust Eye Color Quad Review & Swatches order

Image Credit: All images taken by me except for TOM FORD Beauty campaign image

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  • OLIVIA BOE Nov 6, 2014

    i really love the Violet Dusk eye palete from Tom Ford, but i can not find anywhere in my region.
    Will you have one to sell to me?
    Let me know..

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